Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekly Recipe

Lunch time.  I'm always looking for new takes on the same old stuff.  Take sandwiches for example, I'm ALWAYS trying to come up with new idea's... I mean, you can only eat so many PB&J's, right?! 

I adapted this recipe from Real Simple magazine to create my own yummy lunchtime fare.  Whether you try Real Simple's recipe, mine or your own variation... I'm sure you won't be disappointed.  (my kids even loved it)

The Clipstress' restaurant inspired lunch at home:
2 slices sourdough bread (lightly toasted)
Goat Cheese (1 tbsp or more if you like)
Deli Style Mustard (to your liking, I used 1 tbsp)
fresh spinach
meat of your choice, ham would be great but I used Dry Salami

Lightly toast bread.  On one slice of bread pile on the goat cheese, on the other slice of bread add the mustard.  Layer on the meat of your choice and top with fresh spinach.  So yummy and super easy!  This would also make a great panini too. 

If you try this, please leave a comment and share your inspiration for a "restaurant inspired lunch at home". 

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